Add staging or beta testing support to plugin io console and plugin manager

As my user base has grown (from one user to two) I’ve thought it would be nice to have a beta test release before doing a production release.

I don’t know how this would be setup but maybe if someone sent me their email I can add them to a “beta testers” group. Then in the plugin manager the beta users will be able to “update” to beta version or “revert” to a production version. Alternatively, it would also be acceptable that any user can see and switch to any beta versions.

Use Case
Jaken is a seasoned developer at Cresent Moon studios. He submits his new version to through the IO console. His users (or beta users) check for and switch to the beta version in the Plugin Manager.

You can send someone a .xdx file directly and they can double-click to install it in XD. If they want to switch to the production version, they can uninstall that and then install from the main Discover Plugins listing.

Once we have plugin update notifications in XD, your users would even get notified to update if they have an older beta installed and the public listing now has a newer official release available.

Refined Feature Request:
Support versions in the Plugin Manager. Users can switch between version 4 and version 5 or beta version if available.

@Velara please open a new feature request as this “refined” request is very different from the original request.

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