API to programmatically upload new versions to the console

First of all: I have no idea where to put this. I know (or think?) that this doesn’t exist, but it isn’t really Plugin API Feedback or anything like that, but still a feature request, so – until I find a better place, I’ll just put it here :rofl:.

It would be great to have a way to programatically (via some sort of API web service) upload new versions (.xdx files and the necessary info) to the console. This would enable a much easier (and therefore, quicker) workflow especially when working with automation systems (here, in the sense of CI/CD systems).

Since I also release plugins to the website, usually tweet about an update etc., updating a plugin, to me, is a process that takes about 0.5-1 work-day(s). Especially since I just make plugins as a hobby-/side-project, this is kind of unfortunate as I tend to always avoid updating the plugins whenever possible.

Therefore, having some sort of API where I can just enter the details of the version once and then have an automated workflow of publishing it to all platforms (or submit it for review) would be very much appreciated. It would allow for a much more automated and therefore “production-ready” workflow of publishing new versions of the plugin.

This is currently not available as you assumed and I agree that this should be a feature request. This would be something that has to be worked out between the console team and the XD extensibility team. @afuchs would be the best person to provide his thought on this.

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This is a great idea! We’ve had some early thoughts about opening up an API for submitting updates, but no official timing on it yet. I’d love to see a workflow where indy or open source plugins could have a CI/CD pipeline that updates a plugin submission on merge to master. We’re also exploring adding delayed publishing feature, so devs have more control over when the plugin goes live after it’s been reviewed.

No timing yet on any of the above, but it’s stuff we’re thinking about :slight_smile: