Edit context rules for mask groups killing us

Very frustrating that you can’t use node.attach{Text,Image}DataSeries on a shape that’s in a Mask Group in a repeat grid. You get:

Plugin Error: Target shape node must be in the RepeatGrids edit scope (immediate child of a grid cell or nested only in plain groups)

Outside of a repeat grid, one could probably ungroup, set the text/image data, and regroup to work around this, but inside, there’s no workaround.

This halfway defeats the usefulness of the whole data series scheme, since many graphics in a repeat grid will involve Mask Groups.

I totally understand where the pain is. Unfortunately, edit context rule exists because of the architecture of the app. So it will take us a long time to eventually lift this limitation.

Is it possible to give an estimation of when this will be rolled out?

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Welcome to the forum!

If you’d like to see it changed, vote above!


Thanks for the welcome. I’ve now voted. Cheers

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If i could double or triple vote this I would.