Embedding color profiles in saved images

In saving image documents with batchPlay, the image’s color profile appears to automatically embed in the saved file for .psd, .tif, and.jpg formats.

However, the color profile does NOT automatically embed in the files saved in the .png format.

I don’t know why the color profile automatically embeds for .psd, .tif, and .jpg files as I don’t see anything in the batchPlay code copied from Alchemist Listener that would specifically call for that to happen. I’m glad it does and would like to have it happen with .png images also. Alas, no idea how to force it to happen for .png.

If anyone has this figured out, please comment. Thanks.

It seems to me that in Photoshop PNGs aren’t color managed – when you manually save them the Embed Color Profile checkbox in the dialog is grayed out. According to Wikipedia PNG can embed ICC profiles (I didn’t know) but it looks like PS doesn’t support it.

This Adobe forum thread also talks about this issue.