Where to find list of save options?

Is there a list somewhere of the available save options per file type?

In this document, it shows how to save and shows an example of using the embedColorProfile save option.

Using { quality: 12 } works for jpg to save with quality level 12 (or any other value used). But that is the only save option I have figured out how to get to work. I am more or less just using trial and error in an attempt to figure out what to enter for the options.

So far, I’ve been able to get jpg, png and psd to save. However, tif doesn’t save at all. PNG will save with the last compression the user saved with. However, I want to force PNG to Large File Size (Quick compression). I would like to figure out how to make tif saving work too.

Anyway, just hoping maybe there was more reference material somewhere for saving images, or perhaps an example plugin show different save options.