Exclude nodes from renditions

I there any way I can create a rendition (using this function https://adobexdplatform.com/plugin-docs/reference/application.html#applicationcreaterenditionsrenditions) for an artboard (for example), and exclude some of its children, without modifying them?


The application.createRenditions() API does not have an option to exclude any child nodes.

Thanks for your quick answer, David.

Is there any way to exclude children using styling maybe? For example, I can set the opacity of all excluded children to 0, then they won’t appear in the image. The problem is that it’s noticeable by the user. There might be a similar way to do that without the user to notice?


You can hide any nodes by setting their “visible” property to false prior to creating the rendition:

Of course that would edit the document, so the nodes being edited would need to be part of the edit context (for example the user would need to double-click on the parent artboard). It would be noticeable to the user (but very fast) to hide nodes you want to exclude, create the rendition, then make those nodes visible again, all within one editDocument() operation.

Thanks for the detailed answer, David. I’ll try this.

Is this “blinking” can be an issue from a user perspective, based on your experience?

If this is happening in response to the user pressing a button in your plugin’s control panel, then that should be fine with them.

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David, thanks for your assistance!