Can generate scenenodes that are off the canvas

Perhaps this is well known, but if you generate scenenodes with x coordinates > 25K or so, the node will be off viewable canvas, but with .isInArtworkTree == true.

I don’t know if this is an API bug or not, but it would sure be confusing.

Perhaps attempts to create scenenodes that are entirely off the canvas should trigger an API failure or a console warning?

As, according to the docs, this is

True if the node’s parent chain connects back to the document root node.


This is (in my opinion) expected behavior (as the node still connects back to the document root node, may it be visible or not).

While I agree that it seems strange to generate SceneNodes off-canvas, I think there’s nothing wrong with it, by itself. Those limits (and the behavior) should probably receive better documentation, but I think there might be some use-cases where this is useful (e.g., to not entirely delete nodes, but put them off-canvas).

Therefore, I would argue that yes, the documentation should be more clear about this, but I wouldn’t agree that this belongs in the “Bug” category…

I’ll let the Adobe folks chime in. Seems like something that should be addressed.

Agree there are circumstances where it might be useful, and it clearly shouldn’t just fail quietly.

@afuchs what’s your thought on this?