Feature for plugins to have global edit permissions

Feature request for a plugin to request permission to have global edit context permissions for the functionality of the plugin.

For example, in one of my plugins I list all nodes in a panel that have a certain property, for example, that all have the same fill color.

I can search the artboards and list them in the plugin panel. If the user clicks on the name of the node then it selects the node and centers the view on it. This works if the artboard is selected but if the user has drilled down into a group of items my plugin can’t select the items outside of the current selected node. It is out of context. If the user has the artboard selected they can select the item if it’s a descendant of the selected node but not outside of the selected node.


Checking back on this feature to see if there are any plans or progress on this. Maybe a simple, “Allow global edit permissions” option that can be enabled from the plugin menu.