[FIXED in XD 36.2.32] Password input is broken on Windows for XD 36

FIXED in XD 36.2.32 and better

If you or your users are experiencing problems, please make sure to update your version of XD. If your Creative Cloud app does not show the update, you can force it to check for updates by going to the Updates tab, then clicking the ••• menu and selecting Check for Updates.

The Issue

It’s come to our attention that it is was impossible to read a value from any <input type="password"> element when your plugin is was running in XD 36 prior to XD 36.2.32 on Windows. Instead, you’dll see null or the original value given to the value attribute when you query the value property.

This obviously makes it impossible for users to log in correctly to your services. This bug is unintentional and is already fixed internally. A fix should be coming shortly is immediately available in XD 36.2.32. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Workaround

Should you prefer to work around the issue (note this will require resubmission), you can take advantage of the new <sp-textfield type="password"> Spectrum UXP control in XD 36. The design is a little different from XD’s native password control (especially on macOS), but it should suffice for now.

There are several ways to use the Spectrum UXP password field. You can use it as a basic field with no intrinsic label (you may want to wrap it with your own label, in that case):

<sp-textfield type="password"></sp-textfield>


You can use the text field’s intrinsic label if you like. This label defaults to rendering above the input.

<sp-textfield type="password">
  <sp-label slot="label" isrequired="true">Password</sp-label>


If you’d prefer the intrinsic label to the left, you can override some of the styling.

    sp-textfield.inline {
        display: flex;
        flex-direction: row;
        align-items: baseline;
    sp-textfield.inline sp-label {
        padding-right: 16px;
<sp-textfield type="password" class="inline">
  <sp-label slot="label" isrequired="true">Password</sp-label>


Reading and setting the field’s value is the same as would normally work for the input type="password" field. You can read the value property to get the password the user has entered.

Your Options

  • Wait for an XD release that contains the fix. We will update this thread when we know the timeline for delivering this fix. This issue is fixed in XD 36.2.32.
  • Update your plugins with the sp-textfield type="password" fix and submit a new version to the marketplace. If you do this, please be sure to reach out to your contact(s) at Adobe so that they can ensure that the review is prioritized. (As the issue is fixed, please ask your users to update to the latest version of XD.)

Quick update! This fix is in XD 36.2.32, which was released early this morning. If you or any users are experiencing this issue, please have them update XD. If it doesn’t show that an update is available, you can tell CCD to check for updates, and that’ll force it to show the new version (Updates > ••• > Check for Updates).