Stop propagation for input in type=password

When typing text into input type=password Xd doesn’t stop propagation of key press events so it leads to overall Xd glitches - on every key pressed it switches instrument and update right panel according to the instrument.
Expected behavior is the same as for text input.

Xd version image
Host in manifest is set to 20.

Are you running on Windows?

Yes, it’s windows x64

Hey great talking to you this morning. Thanks for reporting this issue and this issue should be resolved in the latest prerlease 5. Please update your prerelease and check it out again!

Yes, it’s much better now. Password field correctly handle events. But there is still small issue. When I paste text on windows using Ctrl+V cursor appears in the begin of the pasted text (should be in the end like in regular input field). Also on focus baseline of the text is jumping up and down.

@kerrishotts and I will review this next week. Thanks!