Font API, Favourites?

So I have finally been annoyed long enough that I have begun looking into what can be done about a pet peeve of mine: Apple’s insistence on shipping more and more useless fonts as part of macOS, no longer making it possible to disable/remove them, and Adobe’s seeming refusal to put in system font filters in their applications (which surely every user ever must want?).

In an old thread I saw the suggestion to use font favourites to hide system fonts. I actually had never noticed that this existed in the Adobe applications, but at least that is a start! But although almost everything in InDesign is scriptable (Illustrator is a much sadder state last I looked…), as far as I can tell font favourites is not exposed anywhere in the API?

Then I started looking at the C++ plug-in API. Never written a proper plug-in before, but what the hell, how difficult can it be. Searching through the SDK documentation I can’t find font favourites exposed anywhere here, either? Not on the IFontMgr, nor an IFontInstance, or an IPMFont.

There is an IFontMgr.DeleteFont() method, which ought to permanently remove the font until InDesign is restarted. This particular method has zero documentation though, so presumably Adobe doesn’t really intend for anyone but themselves to use it…