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Hey guys i was making a plugin that requires all fonts installed on system

since xd api dont have font api

This is work around to get fonts in system and we can store it in a array

What you have to do is
install npm if you don’t have

then open terminal and type

npm i font-list

after that navigate to font-list folder

open terminal from there type node after that type in each line below

‘use strict’

var fonts;

require(’./index’).getFonts().then(f=>{console.log(f); fonts = f})


this list all fonts in system copy the output from console and post here

I needed such a method from the very beginning.
I’m going to test it asap!
Thank you very much.

Does it work on UWP too?

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i just storing fonts as arrays

I’ll try in a couple of hours.
See you later.

if you try to use fonts based on platform combining other issue you replied and this drives the plugin dev further about fonts

Hi @PramUkesh,

ok, listed all available fonts but there isn’t any XD function to access that, say to know if a particular font is installed.

Currently it just a string array of default fonts installed @PaoloBiagini

Post the output here @PaoloBiagini

I try to make a work around for that to detect installed fonts and inform you @PaoloBiagini

My npm install failed, I think… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

For people who dont understand this post what i want to achieve

Hi @PramUkesh,

this is my list:

[ ‘“A little sunshine”’,
‘“Abril Fatface”’,
‘“Adobe Arabic”’,
‘“Adobe Caslon Pro”’,
‘“Adobe Devanagari”’,
‘“Adobe Fan Heiti Std”’,
‘“Adobe Fangsong Std”’,
‘“Adobe Garamond Pro”’,
‘“Adobe Gothic Std”’,
‘“Adobe Hebrew”’,
‘“Adobe Heiti Std”’,
‘“Adobe Kaiti Std”’,
‘“Adobe Ming Std”’,
‘“Adobe Myungjo Std”’,
‘“Adobe Naskh”’,
‘“Adobe Song Std”’,
‘“Akkurat Light”’,
‘“Al Bayan”’,
‘“Al Nile”’,
‘“Al Tarikh”’,
‘“Alegreya SC”’,
‘“Alegreya Sans SC”’,
‘“Alegreya Sans”’,
‘“Alfa Slab One”’,
‘“American Typewriter”’,
‘“Andale Mono”’,
‘“Andika New Basic”’,
‘“Apple Braille”’,
‘“Apple Chancery”’,
‘“Apple Color Emoji”’,
‘“Apple SD Gothic Neo”’,
‘“Apple Symbols”’,
‘“Arial Black”’,
‘“Arial Hebrew Scholar”’,
‘“Arial Hebrew”’,
‘“Arial Narrow”’,
‘“Arial Rounded MT Bold”’,
‘“Arial Unicode MS”’,
‘“Arima Madurai”’,
‘“Arno Pro”’,
‘“Avenir LT Std”’,
‘“Avenir Next Condensed”’,
‘“Avenir Next LT Pro”’,
‘“Avenir Next”’,
‘“Bangla MN”’,
‘“Bangla Sangam MN”’,
‘“Bebas Neue”’,
‘“Biancoenero Bold”’,
‘“Biancoenero Book”’,
‘“Big Caslon”’,
‘“Birch Std”’,
‘“Blackoak Std”’,
‘“Bodoni 72 Oldstyle”’,
‘“Bodoni 72 Smallcaps”’,
‘“Bodoni 72”’,
‘“Bodoni Ornaments”’,
‘“Bowlby One”’,
‘“Bradley Hand”’,
‘“Brera Condensed”’,
‘“Brush Script MT”’,
‘“Brush Script Std”’,
‘“Cabin Condensed”’,
‘“Caecilia LT Std”’,
‘“Centaur MT Std”’,
‘“Century Old Style Std”’,
‘“Century Old Style”’,
‘“Chalkboard SE”’,
‘“Chaparral Pro”’,
‘“Charlemagne Std”’,
‘“Chopin Script”’,
‘“ChunkFive Ex”’,
‘“Clear Sans Light”’,
‘“Clear Sans Medium”’,
‘“Clear Sans Thin”’,
‘“Clear Sans”’,
‘“Comic Sans MS”’,
‘“Concert One”’,
‘“Cooper Std”’,
‘“Cormorant Garamond”’,
‘“Cormorant Infant”’,
‘“Cormorant SC”’,
‘“Cormorant Unicase”’,
‘“Cormorant Upright”’,
‘“Corsiva Hebrew”’,
‘“Courier New”’,
‘“Crimson Text”’,
‘“DIN Alternate”’,
‘“DIN Condensed”’,
‘“DIN Next Rounded LT Pro”’,
‘“DecoType Naskh”’,
‘“Devanagari MT”’,
‘“Devanagari Sangam MN”’,
‘“Diwan Kufi”’,
‘“Diwan Thuluth”’,
‘“Droid Sans”’,
‘“Droid Serif”’,
‘“Ek Mukta”’,
‘“Encode Sans Condensed”’,
‘“Encode Sans Expanded”’,
‘“Encode Sans Semi Condensed”’,
… 395 more items ]


use the above scripts provided and give the full lists also remove any installed fonts by yourself if any

‘use strict’

var fonts;

require(’./index’).getFonts().then(f=>{console.log(f); fonts = f})


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@PaoloBiagini did you achieved to get full if not see above comment

for other people if you want to help follow above procedure and post the fonts here do note that list should contain full fonts so it shouldn’t contains words like …395 more items

@Erin_Finnegan do you want to help on this issue try to help its a minute thing to do…

Hi @PramUkesh,

tomorrow morning I will re-list my font with system fonts only.
Thank you.

thanks for your contributions @PaoloBiagini

Here is my list:

“Adobe Arabic”
“Adobe Devanagari”
“Adobe Fan Heiti Std”
“Adobe Fangsong Std”
“Adobe Hebrew”
“Adobe Heiti Std”
“Adobe Kaiti Std”
“Adobe Ming Std”
“Adobe Myungjo Std”
“Adobe Naskh”
“Adobe Song Std”
“Al Bayan”
“Al Nile”
“Al Tarikh”
“American Typewriter”
“Andale Mono”
“Apple Braille”
“Apple Chancery”
“Apple Color Emoji”
“Apple SD Gothic Neo”
“Apple Symbols”
“Arial Black”
“Arial Hebrew Scholar”
“Arial Hebrew”
“Arial Narrow”
“Arial Rounded MT Bold”
“Arial Unicode MS”
“Arima Madurai”
“Bangla MN”
“Bangla Sangam MN”
“Brush Script MT”
“Brush Script Std”
“Chalkboard SE”
“Chaparral Pro”
“Charlemagne Std”
“Comic Sans MS”
“Courier New”
“Devanagari MT”
“Devanagari Sangam MN”
“Diwan Kufi”
“Diwan Thuluth”
“Euphemia UCAS”
“Eurostile LT Std”
“GB18030 Bitmap”
“Geeza Pro”
“Gujarati MT”
“Gujarati Sangam MN”
“Gurmukhi MN”
“Gurmukhi MT”
“Gurmukhi Sangam MN”
“Heiti SC”
“Heiti TC”
“Helvetica Neue”
“Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro”
“Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN”
“Hiragino Kaku Gothic Std”
“Hiragino Kaku Gothic StdN”
“Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro”
“Hiragino Maru Gothic ProN”
“Hiragino Mincho Pro”
“Hiragino Mincho ProN”
“Hiragino Sans GB”
“Hiragino Sans”
“ITF Devanagari Marathi”
“ITF Devanagari”
“Iowan Old Style”
“Kannada MN”
“Kannada Sangam MN”
“Khmer MN”
“Khmer Sangam MN”
“Kohinoor Bangla”
“Kohinoor Devanagari”
“Kohinoor Telugu”
“Kozuka Gothic Pr6N”
“Kozuka Gothic Pro”
“Kozuka Mincho Pr6N”
“Kozuka Mincho Pro”
“Lao MN”
“Lao Sangam MN”
“Letter Gothic Std”
“Lucida Grande”
“Malayalam MN”
“Malayalam Sangam MN”
“Marker Felt”
“Microsoft Sans Serif”
“Mishafi Gold”
“Myanmar MN”
“Myanmar Sangam MN”
“Myriad Arabic”
“Myriad Hebrew”
“New Peninim MT”
“OCR A Std”
“Oriya MN”
“Oriya Sangam MN”
“PingFang HK”
“PingFang SC”
“PingFang TC”
“Shree Devanagari 714”
“Sinhala MN”
“Sinhala Sangam MN”
“Snell Roundhand”
“Songti SC”
“Songti TC”
“Sukhumvit Set”
“Tamil MN”
“Tamil Sangam MN”
“Telugu MN”
“Telugu Sangam MN”
“Times New Roman”
“Trebuchet MS”
“Wingdings 2”
“Wingdings 3”
“Zapf Dingbats”