Font shows symbol in certain cases

Hi guys,

we have a repeated complain from some users that they don’t the the text in the plugin > they see symbols.

from what we understand it happens just on windows, and we are still investigating the problem. however, in this example, both the “export code” and all the text beneath has the same font-family (The default uxp font) so i don’t understand why there are differences. maybe you will have an idea?

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I have also sometimes (on rare occasions!) seen … weird behaviors of plugin panels on Windows.

For me, they always disappear when I close/re-open the panel (or, on very rare occasions, after a restart of XD). Do you, by any chance, know if your users experience this consistently (i.e., it doesn’t get fixed by closing and re-opening the panel), or is this, as in my case, only an “intermittent” behavior?

Tagging @tatemasi in any case :slightly_smiling_face:

Assuming you’re using <button>, they (in this case) are rendered by XD itself, not UXP. UXP is rendering the surrounding text. So that can help explain why the buttons aren’t affected. (Same goes for the dropdown that is still legible)

We’d need to know more about the font & OS configuration for the user to see what could be going on. Only thing I can imagine is that somehow a font substitution is occurring, but I can’t imagine why wingdings would be given priority here.

They’ve xd version, Windows 11.

in xd the default font is system-ui. maybe that is the issue? (i am reading more about it here)

seems like if don’t set a font - it chooses a different font for each os/language and maybe this causes the symbols issue?

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