Fs.mkdir recursive

Good morning!
I was wondering if anybody knew, whether it’s possible to create directories recursively (i.e. create parent directories for a given input path) using UXP’s fs module? There’s no information about it in the docs. Hoping it was analogous to Node.js’s fs I was trying the following without luck:

wait require('fs').mkdir('file:/MY_FILE_PATH', {recursive : true})

For context, I can use mkdir successfully if the parents exist.
Any ideas? Thanks a bunch!

Hi @dotproduct
This feature is available in our new UXP 7.0 release.
This new UXP version is now available in Photoshop 24.4 that is on BETA. Can you try this out in the beta build and provide your feedback.


Just wanted to follow up on this. I tested this in the latest Photoshop release (24.4.1) and it appears to be working now. Thanks a lot @Sujai!

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