FTP image files through Photoshop UXP?

I have several batch processing systems for UXP in Photoshop that save files in JPG and PNG formats. There is a photo lab that would like me to set up a system for my plugins to FTP the images directly to the photo lab along with custom print order data. So as the plugin is processing images in batch, at the time of saving the file it would also send the saved file to the lab via FTP. Is this possible directly with UXP without any additional external software?


Not directly, AFAIK.

You could create a file share that the plugin could write to, if the OS supports it (I think Windows might – not sure about macOS). You’d need some sort of configuration in place to keep that share alive even after a reboot.

So your plugin could just offer the option to save to multiple storage locations, and one of those would be the drive that’s mapped to the FTP server…

Not sure how well that would work in practice though.

Thanks for the reply. I figured it may not be possible but just thought I would ask and see.

In practice, an additional interfacing program may not be a great option because there a lot of users for the plugin and they are split between Windows and Mac. Anything that requires an additional software would probably just confuse too many of them and create a tech support headache I think. If it were something just for myself or just one company then it would be a great option… but probably not for masses.