General menu structure in a complexe uxp panel

Hi guys,

Maybe my question is a bit naive or amateurish, but I would be interested in how you would best build a panel with multiple menu pages to click through.
Would you implement the whole thing with several html files, as with a classic website, or would you set it up as a one-pager with individual overlays, or do you perhaps have a completely different idea?

Up to now, I have always done this with my CEP panels on a whim, but now I would like to keep up with the times.

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Click on a tab/menu, set active tab/menu to state, layout renders depending on a state

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Another option would be a set of buttons to switch a number of contents in your page

Wouldn’t that re-render whole panel?

I don’t think so, it only shows the new content and doesn’t re-render the panel.
I have a panel with a part that has 3 different content to switch sets of buttons without re-rendering the whole panel

Googled a bit more and you might be right. It completely depends on a browser, most of which are smart enough in that regard. UXP panel is not a browser, so don’t know how smart they are, but I assume it’s smart enough :slight_smile: