Get access to the aspect lock state

I have a plugin that resizes a shape based on the width/height of the parent but I would like to add the ability to resize and maintain the aspect ratio.

I could add a plugin option but it would be great if I could get access to the aspect lock state on the object. From what I can tell this currently isn’t possible.

Can anyone shed some light?

You are right that there is no direct API to control the lock state. However, as you probably know, you can resize objects however you want.

Yes, I can technically resize based on the object’s aspect ratio (regardless of aspect lock state) but it order to allow users to choose whether they want aspect ratio resizing or not I need to add a plugin option. I would rather rely on the state of an existing related mechanism in the UI for ease of use.

I’m moving this to the feature requests section so that people can vote for it :wink: