In Responsive Resize Panel, its possible to access the constraints info?

I did not find in the API how to know which constraints are active, is there how to get this information via API?

It is important to have access to these functions so that code-exporting plugins may try to reflect the same alignment as defined in the design.

Not available yet - we have this feature requested by many people already. Our engineering team is actively working on this and expect to release it sometime this year (~Q2)

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And of course, we hope ;-), with corresponding API control over responsive resize for any scenegraph object…

Just for reference: There is already a feature request open for this: Add API for responsive resize values.

Please feel free to vote on it (although, if Adobe is already working on it, it probably doesn’t do much of a difference :slightly_smiling_face:).

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Closing since this is a duplicate, as Pablo pointed out. But note that this is now possible as of XD 29.