Getting the padding properties (content-aware feat)

I know the feature is fresh (XD 26), but it would be awesome being able to manipulate the padding values

For a group, or component, I would :heart: to get the margin properties through the API.

Use case 1
When working with design grids and consistant spacing values, a designer always end specifying the same values over and over (ie. 24px, 32px…). We could build plugins to ease the process.

Use case 2
As people start to use padding properties in their design, they will get used to the repositionning and automated resizing of buttons / boxes / container according to their content. Therefore, plugins that are used to create new elements to artboards (ie. buttons, form elements…) programatically will probably need to include padding properties to feature the same behaviour that people are getting used to have.

Use case 3
If you combine the access to padding properties with Responsive resizing properties (one of the most upvoted feature request here), you enable plugins to create programatically nice and useful objects, or that help giving a set of complex properties to user created objects or layouts with the click of 1 button in the plugin pannel. :exploding_head:

I am sure there is much more ideas that can pop up from accessing those super cool properties.

Thanks! Please vote for this idea if you’re feelin’it :sunglasses:

Edit : changed the term margins to padding since it’s the english terminology used in the UI (in french it’s translated to “marges”)

Yes, please!

I wondered why we hadn’t seen this particular diff in the scenegraph properties for the most recent release…

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Thanks! By the way, I just installed your Layers 4 Dev, it really does a great job of exposing the state of API possibilities we can play with :+1:

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Great, glad you’re enjoying it!

One thing I need to add is the new star-making polygon settings…

I totally agree with you.
Thanks for doing this post correctly and excitingly.