Disabling Responsive Resize by code

Responsive Resize is a great help during the design phase but it is an annoying issue regarding the coding side since it is ON by default.
Simply trying to resize a group with two or more children will result in an unexpected object placement and inexperienced users might not immediately understand why the plugin works in such a strange manner.
Being able to switch it off by code would be appreciated.

We are going to put this one on the roadmap. the timeline will be updated in the future!

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Yes, since this appears to be a property of scenenode objects, please make it gettable and settable.

Is this in development? I don’t see it on Trello.

Or is there a workaround for resizing a group without having responsive resize activated?

Not yet, as far as I know.

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This will roll out ~Q2 next year. I will post an update as we get closer to the timeline


Thanks for that update. Seems a long time to wait for such a simple but important API.

very true. XD team has been busy focusing on other high priority features like enabling live editing and others, so many of these extensibility APIs have been postponed a bit

What is “live editing”?

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This is now possible in XD 29 by setting the Group’s dynamicLayout flag to false.