Yikes! Responsive resize is really messing up group resizing

I’m creating a carefully-computed group (for an icon), and then resizing it to the appropriate size.

Unfortunately, Responsive Resize gets turned on automatically (by default?) for the group, even if I turn it off before creating the group.

This is a true disaster–do we really have no way to control this from the API? If not, then that’s a really bad API missing feature.

How about a third argument to scenenode.resize(width, height, responsiveResize = true), (default on, of course), so we can turn it off when we know our node can’t withstand responsive resize?

(Yes, I realize I can walk the scenegraph tree and resize each object in the group separately, and that’s what I’m doing as a workaround, but that should be unnecessary. And it’s quite tricky, as you have to deal with shifting each object’s position in the group appropriately, besides resizing it.)

Possible duplicate of Disabling Responsive Resize by code?

Good catch. Should have searched. Will mark this as solved.

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