Scale Artboard and its items through API?

I want to resize Artboard and its items with responsive resize off.

I have created art boards smaller that required size. And have designed screens now i have to resize all art boards to new size.

Manually this is how i do it.
Step 1: Resize the Artbaord to target size
Step 2: Select all items in the art board and scale it to fit art bard is the same proportion (visual approximation) leading to inconsistencies

API Approaches I don’t know how do either of the ways
Approach 1: Group all items of Artboard and scale them with same ratio as Artboard scale
Approach 2: If there is a way to set width of child items

What is the API to achieve either approach?

See Disabling Responsive Resize by code. This is a long-requested API enhancement. (And a trivial one, you’d think. :wink: Just let us turn off that bool!)

What about Seting items in artboard selected so that it can be scaled?

Thanks for update.

You can group objects then scale them at once but if Responsive Resize is ON you could probably get unexpected results.

Users can enable Responsive Resize on an artboard, and if it’s enabled then that resize engine will be used if your plugin calls resize() too.

Unfortunately there’s no way to programmatically enable Responsive Resize, or to make resize() behave that way when it’s not enabled.

For resizing an artboard with simple content, you could just resize the artboard in one step, then position and resize each immediate child of the artboard in turn – essentially implementing your own heuristics for how to re-layout the artboard’s content to adjust to a different size. If the children are groups, you could do the same thing recursively for the content inside each group.

But I agree that having direct access to the Responsive Resize settings would usually be an easier approach! Please upvote the link above from @cpryland to help raise the priority of that request.