Get json format

I’m trying to get a document in json format. Is there any way you can do this?

I opened the file via zip, but there are document files of the type (k39dn38dh2isd82h238d3) that I cannot open, is it possible to get json format from them?

I guess you are looking for something like “Serialize scenegraph data to JSON?

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As I understand it, this requires a plugin for the program?

Are you asking how to do this “outside” XD? Since this forum is about plugin development for XD, this (probably) wouldn’t be the right place for that question.

If you’re asking how to achieve this with a plugin, then the link @gdreyv provided should get you what you’re looking for. The library I mentioned there is just a JS library that can help you serialize the scenegraph (by converting nodes to JSON), but isn’t required.

PS: Please note that if you’re asking about doing this from “outside” XD: Extracting things from an xd file is strongly discouraged due to the frequently changing specs of the file types etc., cf. Is there anyway to extract the files and folder of an XD file?

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Yes, I just need to open the. XD file, I need to open it for viewing, I am not going to make changes in it. I just need to know where the layers are, their location and their properties.

Now I have found a way to view the file through the site.

But I would also like to view .xd files)

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