Is there anyway to extract the files and folder of an XD file?

I am trying to write a software that works with an XD file and I need the files and folder contained in the XD file. Is there anyway to get those files and folders? Refer image below.

Please don’t do this – the file format is not something for which we offer support as it changes frequently, and it is all too easy to corrupt an XD document in such a way that XD can never open it.

If you need the images from an XD document, you can write a plugin that generates the renditions of everything in the document.


Hi, thanks for the reply. I do not need images. I want to extract the complete prototype. All shapes, text boxes, images, so on along with their portion, size etc. Additionally, the interactions between the screens and the nature of them. Whether they are drag based, or tap etc.

@Kryotasin all of those are possible using the plugin APIs. If you have any specific questions about the plugin APIs, please let us know. However, as Kerri mentioned, parsing the file is not recommended currently since the file format is expected to change frequently in the future.

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@Kryotasin, I guess Serialize scenegraph data to JSON? is what you are looking for. It requires a lot of magic for now but I hope it will get better one day :slight_smile:

But be careful–that scenegraph-to-JSON is rather incomplete (it doesn’t walk children of anything but artboards and document roots, e.g.). I overhauled it recently and should submit a PR for it, or at least clone it and make it available.