Get preset Kind

I am trying to get the PresetKind to establish if an adjustment layer specifically curves have no adjustments applied to them. I made the following getter but it doesn’t want to work for me. Any help would be much appreciated

const app = require("photoshop").app;
const batchPlay = require("photoshop").action.batchPlay;

    get: () =>{
        const result = batchPlay(
                  _obj: "get",
                  _target: [
                        _property: "presetKindType"
                        _ref: "adjustmentLayer",
                        _enum: "ordinal",
                         _value: "targetEnum"
                  _options: {
                     dialogOptions: "dontDisplay"
               synchronousExecution: true,
               modalBehavior: "fail"
            return result[0].presetKindType._value; 

Still looking for some feedback on this code, Anyone?