Help me out doing this!

I need to do such things in adobe xd plugin
What User does:
1.Selects a web artboard and run my Plugin

What My plugin must do:
1.Ask for the user to import two images
2.Place the images over the artboard
3.Duplicate the artboard
4.Move the images over certain co-ordinates X,Y
5.Go to prototype mode
6.Link the two artboards
7.Trigger must be Time
8.Animation should be Auto animate.
9.Delay must be for 2 seconds

These all should be performed by the plugin.
The user must be able to see the output in protoype preview mode.

Help me out in coding the structure for this plugin. As a absolute beginner I am good at ideas and very bad at coding them.

If anybody could explain me the basic structure of doing this i.e., loops, conditions etc.,
It would be very useful!

I think you are trying to animate the things, Right? I think the basic animations provided by XD are enough. Correct me if I misuderstood your idea :grinning:

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You should be able to do steps 1-4 with no trouble, however plugins can’t create new interactions/prototyping connections yet – you’ll have to leave those steps up to the user.

Here are some good places to start:

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Thanks, that really helps :grin::+1:

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