Image sequences to multiple artboards

I’ve spent my entire career working in video as a visual effects and motion graphics artist. So once I finally started learning about UX and UI it got me thinking about video in my prototypes. I’ve seen that image sequences can be added in one by one into multiple artboards. It plays like a video smoothly, but its insanley time consuming.

Is it possible to make a plugin that essentially works as an auto create and autofill of artboards for image sequences. Or even something like how photoshop actions work.

Now that sounds all kinds of messy if you’re exporting a custom animation. This would make a 2 second animation 120 artboards at 60 frames per second.

Maybe the plugin could also group all of the artboards that were generated into a folder like artboard with an image of stacked pages as a visual cue that it’s a sequence comp.

I’ve seen a lot of requests for .mp4 or .gif interactions in prototypes. I think his could be a workable solution if its at all possible.

Hi Beavlee,

That seems… feasible? @kerrishotts can tell us for sure.

That said, I think Kerri has mentioned in the past that video support is eventually coming to XD. Eventually.

How do you play back your image sequences on multiple artboards? Are they linked together using prototyping tools…? Because the APIs don’t access any of the prototyping tools at the moment.

Generally speaking we definitely want XD plugins to help out with insanely time consuming workflows…


I had an old art director buddy of mine do it in XD. He said he linked all the artboards with auto animate transitions to play them out as a video. 80 artboards and about 40 minutes later it was flowing like he had dropped in a gif.

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:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Nice!

You can’t manipulate auto-animate with the APIs at the moment, which isn’t to say you won’t be able to in the future. Here’s the public roadmap.

Chiming in here –

Yes, this is nearly possible w/ plugins now, except the ability to wire up the auto animate part. That feature will be coming in a future release.

That said, if you don’t mind wiring up artboards manually at this point, you could potentially save at least some time :slight_smile: