How can I start a node.js proxy server from Photoshop UXP


How can I start a node.js proxy server programmatically without user activity from Photoshop before my UXP plugin starting.


Short answer: You can’t (from within the UXP plugin).

Longer answer: There’s an API coming that will let you launch an application registered with a URI scheme or with a path. However, the user must consent to this, and Ps does not currently allow plugins to start without some degree of user interaction.

As such, right now, this is not possible without writing some sort of helper application that takes care of this step for you.

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Hi Kerri,

If I understood right, with the improved API will come some UI which allows the user to enable it. (Like windows install ask permission for administrator account).
Have you some information about roadmap?

Thank you for your quick answer.