Q: Is there any way to start/launch installed UXP plugin from external program?

Hi all,

Short question:
Let’s say UXP plugin is already installed and shown in Plugins menu, but currently not running.
Is there any way start the UXP plugin from external program? (Preferred not to user UI operation).

Long detailed question:
I’m porting existing UI-less CEP plugin to UXP. The plugin connect background service with WebSocket.

Primary object:
Automatically start UXP plugin when Photoshop launched.

Current limitation:
In CEP, we could have plugin to start on Photoshop launch without UI.(no-UI plugin)

As my understanding and answered question at Dev Day event, we need to have plugin UI to start automatically when Photoshop launched.

Issue is that if user close plugin panel and restart Photoshop, the plugin does not start automatically.
User need to go to Plugin menu and select menu item to start plugin.

Possible solution:
The backend service can tell if the Photoshop is foreground and not connected to backend.
So I wonder if there is anyway to invoke plugin from externally.

Thank you,

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