How can we get Encoded Serial Number of Photoshop in UXP?

Hi all,
Can we get “Encoded Serial Number” of Photoshop via UXP?

There might be ways to get something related to user identification in future releases of UXP, but ATM to the best of my knowledge the app’s "serialInfo" (now "serialString") is either unavailable or guardrailed/available only to 1P plugins. Also dumping "systemInfo" and grepping the serial number from there isn’t viable for the same reason.
TL;DR nope.

OT: I’ll just leave this here :joy:

I was thinking of using Rust + webassembly. although I think it’s absurd and I see no reason why not allow to identify a machine.
@Niraj I reply here also for the post on macaddress . I think the purpose is to uniquely identify a machine.

Unless Windows 11 user will turn this on… which changes MAC address every time he turns on PC :sweat_smile:

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