Unique identification like (device number, serial key) in the UXP?

Hi all,
Is there any API to get unique identification like (device number, serial key) in the UXP?
Can anyone please help.

AFAIK there’s no out of the box solution to identify users.

BRAINSTORMING: you may be able to generate some kind of an identifier out of multiple variables like :

let os = require("os");

however this is a bad approach since uniqueness is not guaranteed.

Do you need device or user? I believe there was some mention during devs kick-off session about some user ID in the works

Hi @Karmalakas I need user Id. How can I get this? Do you have any link to follow?

You can’t and there’s no link and I believe no estimate when this will happen. I think the only way right now is to implement your own login-like solution

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Thanks @Karmalakas for the information.

@Karmalakas can we get device number? Is it possible?