Is it possible to get any user identifier?

If I would want to tie plugin usage to only one user, so that CCX would not be shared with others, how would I do that? I mean plugin is not free, but I want some users to have it for their help testing, what would be the way? I know I can ask Adobe for some discount codes, but I’ve heard it’s a bit difficult process, isn’t it? I was thinking if I had some identifier (email, ID, whatever), I could implement some checks :thinking:

Maybe you could check whether Google Analytics would work in UXP. If you do so then this probably should be mentioned in terms of use.

But GA would not prevent someone from using plugin if shared, would it? :thinking: What I want, is automatically stop plugin even from loading UI if some ID does not match

Gumroad allows you to generate unique license keys per user automatically. When the key is used many times more in different locations with different OS and screen sizes then you can disable that particular key in Gumroad administration.

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Never heard of it before. Thanks. Will look into it