How do I get the prototype data set on a node?

How do I get the prototype data set on a node?

Not quite sure what you’re asking here – are you trying to get a list of all the properties that are supported by a SceneNode?

I think he’s asking if the prototype portion of an XD document is extensible. Unfortunately, it’s not extensible at the moment. More updates to come in the future.

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Got it . Really appreciate that

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@Matt can you provide a bit more info on what you’re trying to accomplish? We have plans to open up APIs for accessing prototype data, but it would be helpful to understand your specific needs.


To make a html app from Artboard
prototype data is helpful to know from what action it can go to next page

Very helpful, thank you! This will be enabled with the Interactions APIs in the coming months

And, I trust, plugin metadata will also be placeable on the built-in nodes etc?

@cpryland – not sure I follow that last?

Oh, sorry, I meant I was hoping to see the ability for plugins to manage their own metadata placed on arbitrary nodes, as part of the API roadmap.

I think this is what you’re after:

Ah, yes, excellent. I thought I had scoured Trello for that, but somehow missed it.