How to get prototype navigation data?

How to get prototype’s navigation data of a xd project ?

There’s no way to get that information yet, but it’s on the way. Keep your eyes peeled to the roadmap – specifically for the Interactions API:

Make a work around similar to Auto animate API like using same name elements on artboards if we want to achieve live perview @prasanta

@PramUkesh Sorry, but could you clearify this a bit? Have you found a work around or do you mean this as something like a feature request? Thank you very much in advance :+1:

What i was saying is…
For eg: if you working on a plugin that outputs arrboards as html app and these linked with buttons or something for eg clicking a button opens a next artboard and you want to do that same thing in html app put elements with same name on artboards and filter the artboards while you processing for html app in artboard and link the output html pages this is based on your requriment basis ask me once if you dont understand that…

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So if button has same name with in 2 artboards linking is based on buttons same as like this is how auto animate feature works

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Ah, ok. Thank you very much for elaborating :+1: .

thanks for the info :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: