Is there a way to create a plugin for prototype view?

I would like to extend functions and properties of the prototype view (web view). Is it possible? Are there any APIs for specs/prototype/embed view?

Thank you.

I think they are not available yet. We are all waiting.

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Nothing available yet, but check out our roadmap for more information on what’s being worked on:

Yap, thank you. Subscribed. Nothing related to prototypes on the roadmap so far.

But you can think of a work around in the mean time

if you want to try that
just name the connecting objects with a similar name so that we can implement in this way but requires a bit more work

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This is the same way auto animate feature in new update works

@PramUkesh Could you please explain that approach in more details? Thanks.

@PramUkesh Auto animate API are not available yet?

@Velara no its not available yet,
but if you want to implement it now, you may guide the user to name elements in artboards with same name and make your animation for now, this is how auto animate works now