How long is the Photoshop Plugin "try before you buy" period? I can't find any info about it

There’s an option to enable “try before you buy”, when you offer a Photoshop plugin for sale via the Adobe Developer Distribution page – however I can’t find any information anywhere about the time period, how this works, etc.

Does anybody know the specific details about how this option works? and/or can you point me to some Adobe documentation on this? Thanks!


My Adobe contact told me that it is the same time period that you selected in the subscription period. So if you chose Monthly it is a month, if you chose Annual it is a year (which is crazy :crazy_face:).

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Gotcha. Do you know, does it start auto-charging them after the trial period is finished, allowing them to smoothly retain the functionality? OR does it work by blocking the plugin functionality once the trial period is up, then informing them that they must upgrade to a paid user to continue using?

Unfortunately I can’t say anything about that. I don’t have any plugin with subscription as license type on the marketplace.

Gotcha. I’ll probably disable that “try before you buy” option, given that there’s so little public information provided by Adobe about how it actually works.