Developer accessibility to Adobe apps

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I will :slight_smile:

Currently I’m on a Photographer plan, which includes Ps and Lr. On this plan Ps is available only in English, so there’s no way to test if my plugin multi-language feature is working. Also there’s no way to test plugin if it works on XD

So my idea would be… Maybe give developers access to any of Adobe apps limiting time a day or something like that. Lets say 10-15 minutes a day combined of all the apps just to test plugins.

I personally would never use other apps than Lr and Ps (at least in the near future), so there’s no point subscribing to much more expensive plans just to test plugins for a few minutes.

Or maybe there is some way to do that without full plan?
I know it’s kind of a personal ask, but I believe there might be more devs that would benefit from such app availability

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I, unfortunately, can’t say anything about that => I’ll leave this for someone else to answer :slightly_smiling_face:

This, on the other hand, sounds … odd. To my knowledge (i.e., the last time I checked), XD had a free plan (without any CC subscription, all that was required was a CC account + CCD installed on the computer) that basically covered everything a plugin might get to interact with. Don’t you see Adobe XD listed in your CC Desktop app?

(of course, even if you get access to XD, this leaves the same question for other products when they get UXP support :thinking: )

I would imagine that we might have some solution for this sort of thing, but can’t say so for sure, right now => I’ll have to ask around internally to find out if we have solutions for such cases. @Erin_Finnegan @Ingo @nana_y Do any of you, perhaps, have any insights on this? The tl;dr: Do we have a solution for plugin devs who, because of their CC plan, don’t have access to specific apps where they’d like to (on a small scale) test whether their plugins would/could/… be compatible?

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Currently I’m on a Photographer plan, which includes Ps and Lr. On this plan Ps is available only in English, so there’s no way to test if my plugin multi-language feature is working.

You can change the language:

  1. Change the Creative Cloud app language to the language you want to use in PS
  2. Restart the Creative Cloud app
  3. Click on “Install” for PS (only language files will be installed, it should not take too long)
  4. Start PS and change the language under “Preferences” > “Interface”
  5. Restart PS

It seems like there’s a mismatch of what’s shown on Included in your plan section on the web and what apps are really available :confused: I see I can install XD from CCD (will have to scroll through all aps to see what’s available for me) and will definitely try that later

That’s news to me, because, when I was subscribing, I’m pretty sure there was a statement telling only single EN language will be available with Photography plan :thinking: Will try this after work

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Hi @Karmalakas, for changing the language please see the response from Thomas below and Change the language settings of your Creative Cloud apps.

For Creative Cloud Developer licences please reach out to and via email and describe to us what kind of plugins you develop and what kind of license you need. We will find a solution for that.

Please also join our partner reception in December: Adobe Creative Cloud Partner and Developer Reception 2021


It says I have to uninstall and re-install Ps. Will all my settings/preferences and plugins stay? Or will I have to re-install plugins also and set up from scratch?

That’s a really painful procedure just to test if multi-lang is working :frowning:

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As a developer, you can get a free Creative Cloud subscription for testing your plugin(s). DM me the email address associated with the AdobeID you’d like for such an account. (Unless @nana_y or @DrewEndick above have already covered this.)


That is amazing :star_struck: I will let you know if I need a licence if suggested solutions would not work.

I just installed XD and will check that, but I decided to postpone multi-lang check until I make settings export/import (currently all my plugin settings are stored on LocalStorage) - I don’t want to risk losing them (quite a big JSON object) re-installing Ps :slight_smile:

I think I’ll have to get back to XD when I’m done with Ps :slight_smile: I see it’s a totally different manifest and I suspect API overall. Also in Dev Tools, when it says Plugin load failed and you click on Details you get… Plugin load failed :laughing: Not helpful at all

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@Karmalakas It’s an older version of the manifest. XD & CCD are updating to support the newer V4 & V5 manifests. That may be why you aren’t getting helpful results when you try to load a plugin. But also make sure you have a document open (and only one)—if you don’t, plugins will fail to load.

While you can leverage the same UI (especially if using sp-% components), the rest of the XD document APIs are indeed very different from Ps.


Yep :slight_smile: I opened new document and tried to load a plugin :slight_smile: I thought this might be similar, but I see now it’s a completely different thing :slight_smile: I’ll get back to it after I’m done with Ps.

I really appreciate all the comments and help. Always learning something new :slight_smile:

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