Hi, Aurelien from Grenoble ( France )

Hi everyone.

I am introducing this plugin dev community. I am Aurelien, technologist in Grenoble, and working with Computer Human Interaction. My goal is to create physical device in order to interact with adobe CC app.

Feel free to contact me if you want to exchange about the topic.



That sounds awesome!

That’s similar to some of the work I did in grad school.

Hi Aurelien,
And welcome here. Also french and happy to count local fellows :wink:
On my (more light) side, I had this long term idea of driving CC apps by voice and never got success. But there were some demo cases at the time of flex based panels and also a demo of something for Photoshop (“hey Photoshop”) but the live demo wasn’t concluant.
Looking at it, I realize rumors announce photo editing by voice for Photoshop.
Anyway, I guess your ambition are higher and I am not sure I can help. However, I would be happy to get notified about whatever you can achieve :slight_smile:

Hi @loicaigon

If I get success, websocket can be sent by any application, so voice control is not excluded !

Bienvenue! I remember the pen and small ruler, nicknamed mighty and Napoleon Adobe : Mighty et Napoleon