UXP updates via CCD are buried

Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think most people will find updates to their UXP panels.

When a new version is available, it will show as a blue update option on the panel. But this seems to require a CCD restart (no clear option to check updates like you can with apps) and then manually navigating to the marketplace.

If you click “check for updates” where you normally update PS, it will not show there. And there is no other notification that I have found. It is so buried that I have to provide instructions after I notify the few I can reach (since I have no customer record for anyone who purchases via the store, which is a major downside compared to distributing through other channels). Under the current setup, it would actually be easier to update by distributing CCX files.


  • Have PS check for updates and inform the user at launch with a dismissable popup. This would be ideal.
  • Show all updates (Adobe apps and 3rd party plugins) in the same update area in CCD.
  • Have CCD show the same app indicator for plugins as it does for new versions of Adobe products.
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