How do users get notified of updates to plugins?

How do users know if a new version of an installed plugin is available? I know I can check the plugin manager and then see a list of updates but is there any other indication?

Not at the moment. We’re working on a better way to signal that plugin updates are available. @afuchs Thoughts here?


Great question! We’ll be adding a toast notification on document open in a future release to let users know there are plugin updates available.


This may not be optimal for every plugin, but here’s what I did: I set up a url with the current version number that I update with each release. When my plugin opens, it checks the url and if the url version is greater than the installed plugin version, the plugin will notify the user that an update is available.


@kerrishotts Ideally when submitting a new version, there should be a tick option to allow users to be notified (if installed). This would create a push notification when published.

The developer would produce a (character limited) description of what’s new.

Clicking on the notification would open the plugin “store” in XD with a single click option to install the updated plugin.

Users should be able to control whether plugin update notifictions should appear. By defaul on, by an easy XD preference to keep it quiet.

Closing the loop on this… as of XD 17 (March 2019), users automatically get an in-app notification when any plugin update(s) are available. XD is smart about not notifying users more than once about the same update.

The optional releaseNotes field in your plugin manifest will show up as “What’s New” in the Manage Plugins UI which the notification takes users to.