Plugins autoupdate

Just curious is it possible to enable plugins auto update by default? We keep getting errors reports from plugins which are 2-3 releases back from current one. It looks like people just don’t see that updates are available.

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@afuchs can provide more details here but auto updates are currently not possible

Or some companies are a version or two behind in XD because an XD project created in v24 will not open in v23. So teams usually have to be on the same version. And that means upgrading has to be approved and everyone has to upgrade at the same time.

In one case I had to require version 21 to support some new plugin features and their team had to update XD if they wanted to use the new version of the plugin. But not everyone can do that.

An auto update would be a nice addition to keep people updated.

I’m not saying it is not possible. I’m saying (correct me if I’m wrong) now to update plugins users have to press Update button in the bottom of the screen. The point is not to wait for users approval and update plugins automatically.

Auto update is something coming in the future, but it’s not currently possible in the plugin manager.
You could check your plugin version with one on your server and then notify the user that things may be out of date, but of course that won’t apply retroactively to existing installs.

do you have any updates on that? It’s really huge pain for us that users keep complaining on the issues we fixed and released several months ago. It’s really weird that we have to implement custom workaround to show that they are using not the latest version of the plugin.