Do Photoshop plugin updates get automatically applied to all users?

Let’s say the previous version was 1.0.2, and I publish version 1.0.3 to the Adobe marketplace for my Photoshop plugin.

Does version 1.0.3 get pushed to all users automatically? Does it depend on their unique settings inside of Photoshop/Creative Cloud for updates – with some having “automatically update” enabled and others having “manually update” enabled or something like that? Or does everyone need to go in to manually update the plugins to get the latest version?

How exactly does this process work, and is there any official documentation I can read on this?


Good question. I would say that updates are pushed automatically, if the host application version supports them, but there’s a non-zero chance that CC app preference with respect to auto-updates applies to plugins, too. Let’s see what the Marketplace team says.

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Please keep in mind that you can set “maxVersion” in manifest.json. That should prevent update too. I also wonder what happens if customer downgrades host app version.

Yeah it would just suck if I apply a bug batch, or improve the software in some substantial way – yet it ends up not reaching the vast majority of users.