Plugins showing as "Not compatible" in CCD app

This is a bit strange. I’m experimenting with local installation of some UXP plugins from .ccx files, and they install and work as expected. After installing them initially, the CCD desktop app listed them as “Installed” . . . until today. Today when I checked the CCD app, it had them listed as “Not compatible” and clicking the triangle with the exclamation point provided the tooltip: “The installed versions of your apps aren’t compatible with this plugin.” See image below. Even the old locally installed CEP panels, which also show in CCD app, are listed as “Not compatible.” However, the UXP plugins I had installed locally were working fine in Photoshop. There was no indication, except in the CCD app, of incompatibility.

I uninstalled the locally installed UXP plugins, clicked on Help > Check for updates in the CCD app, and restarted Photoshop. I then proceeded to reinstall the UXP plugins locally from .ccx files. Once again everything is showing as “Installed” including the old CEP panels, and the UXP plugins continue to work in Photoshop.

The “Not compatible” message didn’t seem to affect the functionality of the plugin inside Photoshop, but I can imagine users would generate a service ticket if they see “Not compatible” in the CCD app next to the plugin.

My version of the CCD app is and I’m running Windows 10 and Photoshop 22.3.0.

Understanding where the “Not compatible” message came from might be helpful.