Office Hours 3/10 Recap

Thanks again to all who attended the March 10 Office Hours event. We had a great time interacting with you all and look forward to seeing you at future events.

This event is not limited to Photoshop developers – any and all developers in our ecosystem are welcome to join and participate!

Here’s a recap of the last session:

Q: Are Adobe XD Prereleases still available?
A: XD has discontinued the Prerelease program in favor of Beta builds distributed via CCD.

Q: Is it [still] possible to request access to the Cloud Content API?
A: You cannot gain access at this point, but the team has no plans on fully deprecating the API and existing integrations will not be impacted.

Q: Is there an ETA for the Interaction API in Adobe XD, so plugins can take this information into account.
A: Internal teams are focused on investing in Project Canvas, which will eventually have developer offerings as well. We don’t anticipate making any changes towards existing XD APIs or adding new XD APIs this year.

Q: What is the recommended way to get the plugins panel size in Adobe XD?
A: Listen for “resize” events on the DOM element containing your plugin code. On resize events, you can then check the properties of the element as you normally would. Related forums post

Q: Is there an ETA for CSS animations inside the plugins panel for Adobe XD?
A: There is no ETA for CSS animations within UXP development, so please use requestAnimationFrame() if you want to use animations. WebView will soon be an option for advanced JavaScript users, but not recommended if it’s only being used to render animations.

Q: Is WebView still available for 3rd party?
A: WebViews will be rolled out with UXP 6.0 in the next few months. More information is available here:

Q: Will UXP be fully replacing ExtendScript / Script UI, or will this depend on the platform?
A: No new features are coming to ScriptUI. ExtendScript and ScriptUI will be deprecated over time, but they will be supported longer than CEP will be supported in host apps. (This is because CEP is a “memory hog”.) Until the UXP API is ready to replace ScriptUI capabilities completely, we will continue to rely on that library.

Q: Are there plans to unify the Spectrum UXP elements with Spectrum Web Components? (e.g. sp-label vs sp-field-label, sp-progressbar vs sp-progress-bar, etc.)
A: We do have plans on unifying Spectrum UXP elements with Spectrum Web Components in the future, although we cannot provide a ETA at this time.

Q: While experimenting with UXP in Adobe Photoshop, it appears a menu can only be added to the plug-in’s panel. Is this a unique attribute of Photoshop plug-ins or will it be this way in InDesign when UXP is available there.
A: Host applications are exposed to UXP in different ways, so we’ll have to wait and see if InDesign supports this particular feature for third-party UXP plugins.

Q: Do we have a rough idea on when UXP is coming to After Effects? (I’ve heard after Premiere)
A: The roadmap for UXP in After Effects is not defined yet so we cannot provide an ETA. However, at the time of this writing, After Effects is ahead of Premiere in UXP implementation.

Q: What would be the best way to do affiliate [marketing] using Marketplace? Also is it possible to ask someone to generate 2000 discount codes where each can be used only 2× ?
A: There are no options for Affiliate marketing from the marketplace today. 2000 discount codes is a manual process which is managed by the review team and if you’re interested in something of the like, please reach out to our team ( and we’ll confirm if the review team has the bandwidth to take this on right now.

Q: We created feature image[s] for every CEP extension [we] published in [the] Adobe Exchange site, but they have never been displayed in [the] Exchange featured bar. What do we need to do to have the chance to be displayed in the featured bar?
A: We’re working on formalizing a process for featured extensions within Exchange and will share with you once finalized.

Q: In XD, once a designer drops a SVG, its layers appear as paths. Is there a simple way to retrieve what paths belong to the same SVG using the current API?
A: No, there is currently no way to do this using the existing XD APIs. If something changes, we’ll be sure to let you know in the forums.

Q: Are there any plans to add System Call Access to UXP or are WebSockets going to be the only way for communication to external apps?
A: At this point, WebSockets and other network-based methods are the only way to access system calls within UXP.

Q: Will there be a way to automatically install UXP plugins like we can with CEP panels?
A: You have to use UXP Developer Tool or UPIA (for command line install). Although you have been able to “side load” CEP ZXP files by unzipping them and placing them in the correct folders, you cannot do that with UXP.


Thanks for the recap!
Maybe I missed something but what is Project Canvas?


Maybe I missed something but what is Project Canvas?

It was announced at MAX:

  • Creative Cloud Canvas (Private Beta) : To unlock a new level of collaboration, Canvases enable teams to lay out, visualize and review creative work together, in real time, without ever leaving the browser. On a Canvas, teams can place shapes, text, images and stickers, as well as linked documents from Creative Cloud apps, so anyone can make quick edits to the original creative in the corresponding app with a single click.

But since it is in private beta, I can definitely see where you might have missed it! :sweat_smile:

Ok, thanks, Erin!
So it will be the equivalent of FigJam / Miro?

Sounds good. Although I am really looking forward to “Spaces” (if this is not the same thing) - where all team members have access to the same cloud files and folders.