How to create a pop up menu?

I have a text field and I want the user to be able to type in a value but then I’d like to have a disclosure icon that can be used to pop up a list of options. Is there a pop up menu component for the UI?

I’ve been able to use a list and set it to 10 pixels wide for now and it works for the most part.

h("select", { uxpQuiet: true, title: "Artboards", style: { width: 10 },
	onchange(e) { update() }},
	h("option", { value: "option1" }, "Option 1"),
	h("option", { value: "option2" }, "Option 2"),
	h("option", { value: "option3" }, "Option 3")),

The method above appears to be working fine.

Combo boxes (which I think is what you’re referring to) are on their way, but not sure which version they will land in.

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