How to Debug packaged plugin? (Installed locally)

hi currently im in the situation when my plugin working while im start it with UXP dev tool…
then i decide to package it then install the ccx file that provide by uxp dev tool.

when i run the plugin. something’s wrong… my panel load, but the data that i retrieve from persistencetoken wont load…
can i debug those installed ccx file to find the culprit?


Installed plugins cannot be debugged (this would be a pretty big security issue).

Your best case here is to add copious amounts of logging to help guide you to the issue. Log any errors you might be catching, and then feel free to drop them here in case anyone has ideas.

I’m not familiar w/ your workflow or what hte plugin does, but you might double check that your installed plugin isn’t trying to use a persistent token created while you were using the developer version. The storage locations for installed and developer plugins are different, which means they don’t have the same persistent token access.

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