Viewing logs of a packaged plugin


Assuming I’ve added console.log statements, where can I view the output when the plugin is installed locally, via the .ccx file?

You can’t.

@simonhenke I read this post prior to posting and she makes it sound like it’s possible to view logs, just not debug.

Your best case here is to add copious amounts of logging to help guide you to the issue. Log any errors you might be catching, and then feel free to drop them here in case anyone has ideas.

Ah sorry, I misread it then. But I also thought that logging is (just as debugging) tied to the debug panel - at least I don’t know of any other way to read the console logs of an installed plugin.

You could of course write your own log function (which writes to files for example).

Hi @ross6kites,
on a Mac you can read the logs in your library logs path:
I’m sure there’s also a log file on Windows.



The windows location for this logs is:
%APPDATA%\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop <Adobe_Photoshop_Version>\Logs

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