Plugin Deployment: UDT Packaging and Missing Files


Here are the questions I’m looking to get answered. I’ll provide some additional context after, in case the purpose isn’t clear or clarification is needed.


  1. Where do Photoshop UXP plugins, installed via a ccx file generated by UDT, actually live once installed? (Windows & Mac both ideally)

EDIT: Found it here on Windows: %AppData%\Adobe\UXP\Plugins\External{MyAppID}

  1. Is there advanced documentation on the behaviors of the “Package” button and process in UDT?

Context for question 1:
Based on some behaviors and images that appear to be missing when I’ve installed my plugin locally, I have reason to believe that some files are not being packaged into the ccx installer. I’d like to check the installed files to help debug if I’ve configured my plugin incorrectly, or if there’s a separate issue. So specifically I need to know where the final files, used by Photoshop, actually live once installed. I’m developing on Windows, but end users will have both Windows and Mac, so knowing both will be helpful for later debugging.

Context for question 2:
While running the “Package” command, I’ve noticed that there is no UI for the activities associated with packaging the plugin, except for the “success” popup. Given the previous question, I suspect the packaging process may not actually be completed before I attempt to run the installer. Upon closing UDT (assuming that it’s stalled out after a handful of minutes), a ccx file might suddenly jump up in file size, and is generally MUCH smaller in file size overall than I would expect, given a handful of images I’m using in the UI.

So ideally, I’d love to find more advanced documentation on the UXP developer tools packaging process, so I can modify my setup accordingly.

I have questions like: when I choose a plugin to package, what is included in the ccx? Are there file size limitations or structural concerns with how folders are used?

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

@kerrishotts or @DavideBarranca,
Would love guidance on this from either of you, if you happen to have any quick reference links! :slight_smile:

You can rename .ccx extension to .zip

You are awesome. Should have thought of that. Thank you!