Packaging The Plugin For Distribution

I dont sell on the Market Place so I dont know if there is a difference.

Is there a way you can package up the plugin for distribution without using the UXP Dev Tool.

Can you simply Zip it and change the ext to .cxp ?

Yes, that’s possible. The extension for Photoshop UXP plugins is .ccx.

Thanks, I dont mind using the UXP DEV Tool but sometimes I just want to package one up quickly.

I wasnt sure if the UXP Dev tool does more than just zipping and renaming the file extension

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Just yesterday I adjusted webpack config in Alchemist to create a zip file automatically during build process :slight_smile: alchemist/ at 8c0eed354f8231018de59bcf52d879dc3dda0ff5 · jardicc/alchemist · GitHub

UXP Dev tool just zips up the files – it’s using a zip module, so the results aren’t necessarily a byte-for-byte match with other archivers, but it’s still a valid zip file.

If you zip things yourself, make sure to avoid any 0 byte files – those will bork the install process.

Does this mean there is a new version of Alchamist ?

What version number do you see in Photoshop?

I have just reinstalled from GitHub and its showing version 2.0.2

Do you have any documentation on the Sorcerer Panel ?
Also… Is there a way to stop all 3 panels opening at once


Yes I do: Alchemist - Sorcerer Tutorial - YouTube

The only way to not show all panels would be to use it without loading via DevTools.

2.0.2 is up to date. I updated the repo just now.

Thank You @Jarda i shall watch the video