Automatically loading UXP plugins without developer tool

There is a period between development and distribution, where it might make sense to just run a plugin whenever one opens Photoshop and only go back to the Developer Tool if something goes wrong. Is there a path where plugin folders can be moved to automatically start with Photoshop (much like the c++ plugins)?

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You could make a CCX package and install it locally. This would make plugin load on Ps start. That’s how I use my panels.

Thank you. Yeah, that’s how I am doing it right now. I thought there might be a way without the packaging detour for the development stage.

IMO packaging and installing is way easier than trying to find some folder (AFAIK there’s no such folder for UXP plugins) to copy files to after every dev stage :thinking:

If the files were copied every time, I totally agree. However, I was thinking about placing the files in said folder during development. I can see that the whole concept of loading plugins through the Developer Tool kind of interferes with this approach, as easily switching back to the tool for quick fixes would mean that one would have to move this folder out to a different location anyway, so the plugin does not appear twice.